13102680_1288855701129002_8896445515618186657_nMy work is focused in producing top-class photorealistic 3D renderings including still images, animations with unique atmosphere. I collaborate with architects, designers, advertising, real estate developers and planners around the world. I have over 5 years of experience in architectural visualizations.

What is the mechanism behind my thought process? It is a multi-component philosophy: elasticity, irrationality, functionality. One of my aims is to create a connection between the interior and exterior with some irrational elements, yet keeping all of these on a rational level.I want to give the building a philosophical capability which might inspire people to stop for a second and muse about its existence.


I am asking this question of every single person who views my works. With this philosophy, I am trying to influence people to accept new ideas for innovative formal and functional designs, unlike any that have existed before.

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